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strip componentsLesjöfors is a market leading spring manufacturer with well-known customers all over the world. We have a wide range of standard springs, but we also tailor-make other designs to suit customers’ unique requirements. Our problem-solving ability is one of the strongest competitive edges for customers to choose us as their supplier.

We are a full range spring supplier

Our mission is to be a reliable partner in areas where we can contribute our competence, knowledge and cost-efficient production of wire forms and strip components.

Lesjöfors is an international full-range supplier of standard springs and bespoked springs, wire and strip components. Lesjöfors was established in 1675. Spring manufacture started in 1852. These days, the group is owned by Beijer Alma, a listed company, and is one of Europe's leading manufacturer of spring products.

The company's activities are organised in three areas. We make strip components, wire forms and aftermarket products for cars and other vehicles. Our product range has a unique width, and all our stanard spring items are available as 3D CAD models.

Lesjöfors constantly advances its market position through acquisitions and natural growth. At present, we have manufacturing or sales offices in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Slovakia, Latvia, Korea, China, Thailand, Singapore, Mexico and the US Market.

Quality and environmental care are very important for us. Lesjöfors has been certified to comply with the quality and environmental requirements of ISO 9001:2000 & ISO 14001. We also have a program for monitoring and developing our processes with an environmental perspective.

Springs and pressings from Lesjöfors China Ltd.

Lesjöfors China is offering the complete Lesjöfors product portfolio via trading or in-house manufacturing.

We have in-house manufacturing of compression springs in wire diameter 0.15 to 8mm and strip components with thickness from 0.05mm up to ~5mm thickness produced in traditional stamping machines and multi slide technology aside of the service provided by standard springs and logistics solutions to supply mainly European companies operations in China.

The customer base is wide and our main customers are internationally well known companies in automotive, power transformers and breakers, robotics, cameras, compressors, telecom and more.

The company was founded in Changzhou city located less than one hour by high speed train from Shanghai in 2005 and is certified according to IATF16949, ISO9001 and ISO14001 and has a wide and deep technical competence in the areas of stampings and compression springs and a good quality record and mindset.

Besides the key processes, stampings and compression springs, we also provide assemblies and packaging solutions by manual or fully automatic processes.

Here you can see a demonstration of progressive stamping (external link).



Lesjöfors has probably the widest, deapest and sharpest knowledge in spring design calculation.

The Complete Spring Supplier
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